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Hmm. I think this goes along w/ the idea that women are automatically the weaker sex. So if the “stronger sex” were to hit the “weaker sex” cheap sex toys, then that’s not fair. This product says that it is water proof, but I have not tried it yet. I am a little uneasy to […]

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Martin O’Malley is hoping to win a second term by defeating Republican challenger (and former governor) Robert Ehrlich. And Sen. Senate. They don’t need a garter belt as mine stay up all on their own. They are very easy to put on. I simply put my legs in and pull them up. male sex toys […]

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Here a picture. I didn even see the sheet cakes hair extensions, but we ordered the exact same flavor of cake and had the venue cut everything up and pass it out. Rave reviews!Agreed, you have to wonder what really went down. “I got a baby under the wire that how I like to say […]

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